About Us

The New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council is appointed by the governor.

The Council exists in statute and is a program of the Governor’s Commission on Disability. There are between 18 and 24 members from all areas of the state. Members of the council include individuals with brain injuries, family members, healthcare professionals, and representatives from agencies that provide help for persons living with brain injuries.

The New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council has a twofold mission. First, we advocate for the development of a statewide system of comprehensive, community based resources that will maximize the personal choices and functional independence of persons with brain injuries.

Second, we promote prevention and increased public awareness to decrease the incidence of preventable brain injuries.

To accomplish these goals, we meet regularly to identify and address needs of the brain injury community.  Legislative action, increasing public awareness and prevention efforts, advocacy, training, grass roots development and collaboration with local, state and private agencies to increase and improve existing services are just a few of the activities in which the council is actively involved.

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