Bicycle Helmet Distribution

Children who do not wear helmets while riding bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, scooters, or skates are at risk for serious brain injury. The Brain Injury Advisory Council is currently engaged in distributing bicycle helmets and educational activity books targeting pre-kindergarten and Head Start programs in communities throughout the state. The educational activity books introduce adults and children to helmet use that promotes the concept of when to wear a helmet and how to fit a helmet properly. In the last 5 years an estimated 10,000 helmets have been distributed to children throughout New Mexico.

Did you know? It is the law in New Mexico that every child under the age of 18 wear a helmet when riding a tricycle, bike, scooter, skateboard or skates on public property.

Contact the NM Brain Injury Advisory Council if you are interested in having a bicycle helmet distribution at your school or community event.

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