Brain Injury Prevention and Education

Brain Injury Detection, Diagnosis and Management

Concussion fact sheet: The Incidence, Current Practices and Needs of New Mexico

NM needs a statewide concussion assessment

  • To identify the incidence of sports-related concussion in middle and high school student athletes participating in school or club sports;
  • To identify the incidence of military-related concussion in the veteran population;
  • To identify current practices for the diagnosis and management of sports-related concussion regarding return-to-play and return-to-learn decision- making by schools, club sports and health care professionals in New Mexico;
  • To identify regional needs of New Mexicans, particularly those living in rural, frontier areas, regarding diagnosis and treatment of sports- and military-related concussions.

The Brain Injury Advisory Council will receive funding in the Fiscal Year 2015 budget to fund this initiative!

Learn more about the initiative and how this information will be utilized to improve current practices in New Mexico by contacting the Brain Injury Advisory Council at 505-476-7328 or by email

Increasing public awareness about brain injury

Every 21 Seconds DVD Trailer

To order a complimentary copy of “every 21 seconds…” call NM Brain Injury Advisory Council at 505-476-7328.

Developing a system of support and services for people living with brain injury.

Retrain my brain a basic tool kit for living with brain injury.

Retrain My Brain is a system developed by people living with brain injuries for people living with brain injuries to learn about the brain, their injury and how to integrate strategies to retrain the brain while living with a brain injury. A facilitator’s guide is also included to assist individuals to use Retrain My Brain as the structure and focus of support group meetings. The Brain Injury Advisory Council is committed to working with our brain injury partners to develop support groups in communities through out the state. Peer support can be a crucial part of learning, living with and accepting your “new normal”, a life with brain injury. For more information on the location, dates and times of support groups in your area please contact the NM Brain Injury Resource Center at their toll free number 1-844-366-2472.

Useful Tools

Every 21 Seconds Documentary

To order a complimentary copy of "every 21 seconds..." call us at 505-476-7328.